Kyle Nanakdewa


Many of my current projects directly relate to my own interests. However, I am always looking for new ideas to solve problems - the projects listed here are only the beginning!

Have an idea or project that I could contribute to? Contact me!


I am working on various projects dedicated to improving and preserving the online community of Spore, a 2008 video game from Maxis, most well-known for its Creature Creator, allowing players to create any type of creature they desire.

This project includes keeping various Spore communities connected, preserving Spore’s history and Sporepedia, and ensuring that Spore’s online features continue to work indefinitely.

I am currently developing software to accomplish the following:

This software is being written in C#. It consists of a .NET 5 library, which will be used to create a web server with a REST API, API client library, and both web and desktop apps (possibly using Blazor and/or WinUI), to accomplish the above goals.

More details on this project can be found on its website or GitHub organization.


Akenland is a Minecraft roleplaying project, featuring an original story about five tribes that settled a continent known as Akenland. The story, gameplay, and world are currently being developed by a team of six people, including myself.

In order to tell this story through the game Minecraft, I created various plugins:

These plugins were written in Java, using the Bukkit/Spigot API.

More details on this project can be found on its website or GitHub organization.

UWP Music Player for OneDrive

After many of the features of Groove, Microsoft’s music service and app, were shut down, I created a new app to replace it. Drawing heavy inspiration from Zune, Microsoft’s earlier music service, which still has a loyal fanbase due to its thoughtful and innovative design language, I set out to combine the elegance of Zune with modern features.

The app is written in C# and XAMl, using Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

The app has not yet been released to the public.